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    i do that with my drills. break it down into smaller points to get the blood flowing into more of the muscle and then when i feel stretched i smooth it out but go slow to get the widest range of motion.

    plus all these compound moves can be broken down into slides and arcs. these are the moves that you drill over and over to extend your range of motion and develop muscular endurance. i never stop drilling, no matter how many moves i learn i drill the basics over and over to maintain flexibility.

    plus do everything slow. use the push-pull method. if you do a hip slide to the right dont just pull with the muscles on the right side. pull with the right muscle group and push with the left.

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    That seems to make sense. My moves have been getting rather slopy lately so maybe that will help both problems. But if my moves don't get any better then it's time to start taking lessons again.
    Thank you!

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