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    Are you sure we aren't twins seperated at birth? Your body style sounds like mine! Plus, I've got legs like a corgi.

    Really though, there is nothing you can do about the frame and bone stucture you are born with, but there is always excercise, heathy habits and costume smoke and mirrors. This is what I do to look a bit more balanced.

    -Bra push up pads
    -Keep the costume interest on the top half
    -gauntlets on the upper arms (makes your torso look wider)
    -head pieces/head bands etc.
    -head to toe costume of the same color (look taller)
    -keep costume lines vertically slender
    -Circle skirts can work well if you have a small waist and large hips
    -Avoid big poofy harem pants, they make us look like we're already doing floor work when we're still standing.
    -Wear heels if your ankles can handle it
    -Only wear costumes that fit very, very well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenhairedbellydancer View Post
    Hi, i think i mightve posted about this a while back but i recently lost about 5 lbs due stress and loss of appetite and it seems to all have come off my arms and shoulders meanwhile i have huge hips and thighs,, well not huge but HUGE in comparison,, my waist today was 25.5 inches when i got up(no food in me) and my hips 41.5 with a long torso and boney shoulders...... is there any way of being more balanced as far as having a bigger top...i look so weak this way and my bust got smaller im a small 34 c even smaller now..... would working my arms out help or make it even worse?? only thing i can do is keep my weight up to get more fat up top, so i dont look like a snakeon the top, i can only imagine if i dropped to like 120 ( im 5,5 136 now from 141) id look like an anorexic up top and still fat on the bottom..........
    Hip drops look sooooo impressive on women built like you. And if you look carefully, you'll see there's tons of medium/shortlegged women in bellydance, because so many of the moves work well with that figure.

    Do you exercise? If not, I recommend weight work. If you already do cardio, cut back on the cardio and add weights...or do aerobics that integrate light weights. You will feel so much stronger, and love your arms and shoulders!

    Your upper and lower body may always look different in size, but that doesn't mean they can't be beautiful together.

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