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Thread: Which is worse?

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    Default Credit, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shanazel View Post
    I absolutely agree with this, A'isha.

    Still, when someone has gone to the effort of developing a choreography, it is just good manners for those who borrow it to acknowledge the source.

    Dear Shanazel,
    I guess that for me it is not important to get the credit for the choreography; nice if it happens, I guess, but not essential to my psychological well being. Good manners, on the other hand ARE important, so you have a point there.

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    I agree that the original choreographer should get credit and use the phrase "staged by" to acknolwedge that there have been some changes to the original.

    Ex: Original choreography by Aisha Azar and staged by Jane Doe.

    Some choreographers will not allow any changes to their work, so it's best to ask. I like to credit the musician/composer to help promote their work too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightdancer View Post
    I think of it as many other forms of art. The creator is not responsible for the portrayal. There have been many many awful productions of MacBeth. (I know, I was in one), but Shakespeare is not responsible for them, and people do not love ol' Will any less because some crazy drama kids do not do justice to his work.

    I totally see your point, absolutely. I'm just offering up my thoughts on it.
    I totally agree with you

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