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Thread: *sigh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amber View Post
    I keep watching these videos of these absolutely beautiful, expressive, amazing dancers, and I keep wondering to myself, "Will I *EVER* be able to do that?"

    I'm eager to take lessons from a renowned instructor in the area, but I'm really afraid to, because Ive heard she has certain ideals of what a dancer should look like, and I don't fit the criteria. Ive seen her students, and they are all about 5-7 inches taller than me, and weigh about 20-30lbs less than I do. *sigh*

    Ive never been the type of person that had to take years to master something. Ever since I was a little girl Ive been quick to pick up everything. So imagine my surprise and frustration when I realize that YES belly dance IS going to take YEARS to master.

    For the first time in my life, I feel fat and slow. I dont like this feeling. I love to dance so much! But I hate the feeling I get after Im done and think to myself, "Ah man, I KNOW I could have done this better, that better etc etc"

    Anybody else ever feel like that in the beginning? How did you get over it? What kinds of things helped you? I need some encouragement!
    Yes, Amber, we all at some point feel that we are out of our element when we begin to take classes. I've also seen many students who suffer from an unrealistic view of themselves and potential. It is unrealistic to expect any new student to immediately pick up and master a new step. It is realistic for the student to practice and do the best they can do, with the understanding that the mind and body will connect with the material as it's becomes more familiar. It is also unrealistic to expect new students to think they have to thin and tall as these criteria have no bearing whatsoever on the strength and flexibility necessary to dance. It is realistic for new dancers to begin slowly and develop the mental and physical discipline to excel.

    Those beautiful and graceful dancers that you have seen, all started as beginners and what they discovered was hard work and preserverenc are the keys to success. They dance with emotion and flow along with the music..because they know the dance is more than just steps.

    At this point don't be your own worst enemy.. turn those negative feelings into fuel push you toward your goals. As for that teacher, it's important that you find someone who not only is knowledgeable but also can create an encouraging learning atmosphere. Good Luck and Happy Dancing

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    Quote Originally Posted by da Sage View Post
    Hi Rita,

    I judge a teacher by how well she teaches, combined with how well she demonstrates moves. I take into account how much I like her performances, how much I enjoy her classes, and how well her students dance.

    If you don't perform, you will probably get fewer students. But if you are a good teacher (and it sounds like you would be), you will retain your students longer, and get more word-of-mouth referrals.

    Word-of-mouth got me into the class of a dancer whom I always thought was "boring" from her performances - turns out she is a great teacher. Watching a student performance where the quality of each student's performance seemed linked to individual talent, instead of a more uniform quality which would indicate more in-class correction and rehearsal, made me decide not to take classes from a dynamic performer.

    I hope you do teach, and I hope you also challenge yourself to perform a few times...that way, if a student asks, you can honestly say that you have performed, but it was not something you enjoyed doing. Best of luck!
    De Sage, thank you so much for the reply!!!

    I've been intuitively pushed in the direction of bellydance instruction lately. Your response was something that I definitely needed to hear. I do need to perform, for just the sake of overcoming whatever mental blocks I've set up.

    Thank you

    I'm sorry Amber to ask a question within a reply to you, I'm not very used to forums!! Amber, again good luck to you and have fun..that's the most important thing!!

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    14 teachers! Wow, spoilt for choice.

    Amber, I felt completely hopeless starting belly dance too - awkward and ridiculous and nothing looked right. But with perseverence and practice and a good teacher to keep me on the right track I'm improving. Now there are new moves to make me feel awkward and ridiculous - but I know not to worry, just keep at it.

    Thinking you know you could have done better is the wrong way to look at it IMO. Learning isn't a competition and to any teacher who has that atmosphere in class... it's not helpful. Like Yasmine said it takes time for your body to get the hang of things and a good teacher knows this.

    There's a lot to be said for taking time to get the moves anyway. You might well end up with a more thorough understanding of why this works and that doesn't than the people who do "better" than you in class and get it immediately.

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