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    Default Persian Float Step

    -Put one foot in front of the other with heels raised enough to go over the toe of the foot behind. Don't go on pointe or you won't be stable.
    -Keep your thighs together as if you have a quarter between them. ---- Easiest to keep them together if you travel to the side with the leading foot behind the trailing foot. So, going to the left the right foot is in front. Keeps you from separating your legs as you do with a Bourre -- different move with a different look.
    -Take very small steps from the knees down traveling sideways. Large steps make you look like a dancing lobster. If you need to travel faster you need to take more steps.
    -Distract the audience from seeing your feet with a half or quarter time isolation in the arms, chest, hip or head.

    To go backward or forward instead of sideways, try crossing your legs a little further so your feet aren't right in front or in back of each other.

    If your legs come apart you tend to look like the ballet-dancing hippos from the movie "Fantasia"

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    Thanks Saqra for you kind reply . By the way, what does your name mean?
    That was very informative and helpful. I think I can do it now

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