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    I taught a class through the school district this year to girls from 5-11. I've also taught 4-H classes, etc. The kids are usually just fascinated with the costumes, the music, etc. Honestly, they're not going to notice if your dancing is less than steller. Children are your most forgiving and kind audiences ever. In fact, a lot of the little ones will just stare at you and say, "ohhhh, pretty!"

    If you bring along some things they can play with, especially hip scarves and zils, they will love that. Veils are a bit too much for them at that age. Make sure you tell the kids to take turns with the props though, because otherwise you might have a bit of a fight on your hands. lol

    You can tell them that Egyptians were the first to use makeup, that all ages of people dance from grandmothers to small children like themselves (remember, kids think a LOT about themselves lol), that the pyramids and the sphinx are located there (you could bring along a book with photos in it to pass around), and so on. Just some small bits of information are usually enough for that age group. As someone already mentioned, short attention spans.

    You can teach them to ululate, and explain that this was used originally by girls and women to call across great distances, as female voices carry farther. Sort of like a primitive telephone system. (This is according to Somalian-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali). Btw, to teach the kids to ululate, tell them to say "oddle, oddle, oddle" very fast, then raise their voices to a high pitch with their fingers above their top lip (which enhances the sound and helps it carry further). Their parents will love you... :O

    Have a great time and let us know how it went, please?

    Warmest Regards,


    Quote Originally Posted by Wiggle View Post
    Hi everyone
    I would like your advice on doing a very small show for 4-7yr olds. My daughters' school is having a world culture week and I have been persuaded to do something for them.
    I thought three dances should be enough, one, a veil dance, another, a dance made up by my teacher to a song she's heard and liked while she was in Cairo and one to a pop song. A range of different things.

    What do you all think about dress, accessories, props etc. I will wear a choli not a bra.
    I'll probably have to give a small talk too, ideas what I should talk about?

    Basically any ideas or advice about anything including dances/music are gratefully recieved as I have never danced solo before and have only danced in public once before and I don't want to bomb out!


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    Big Grin Thank you all

    Hi Thank you everyone for your advice. I do feel quite excited about doing this now.
    When I first spoke to my daughters' teacher about lending her some things to use and she asked me did I dance and would I do a little dance for her class I felt really nervous about it and then when it escalated to the school, I just felt "WHOA", what have I let myself in for but I do feel after all you wonderful advice that I can do this now and am looking forward to it (well until the day that is! he-he).

    I've started looking for some extra floaty scarves in the charity shops so that I have quite a few for the children to 'play' with. They will always come in handy for the dressing up box afterward.

    And I've put a bit more thought into my costume too.

    So will keep you all posted.

    It's great having someone to chat to about all this, I really appreciate it, as I don't like going on about it too much with my friends and my husband gets this like glazed look and thinks I'm fussing too much. I can't help it, I'm nervous and I don't want it to be a bad or boring experience for any of us.

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    Kids are great fun! I find wearing bright colours and giving them a small wafty piece of material to use as a pseudo veil helps keep them interested.

    Have fun!

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