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Thread: Tucking pelvis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aziyade View Post
    Okay, at ONE Shareen el Safy workshop she indicated that she pulls her glute muscles tight when she's shimmying. We asked about this a couple of times, because it seemed somewhat anathema to what some of us had learned, but she reassured us the glutes were "really tight back there."

    This never felt right to me, and since she didn't teach it on any of her other videos, I sort of dismissed it. But for the record, she said it. I still don't understand why she said it, because she never looks like she's all that tight when she dances, but I've never really STUDIED Shareen's butt.

    Dear Aziyade,
    Shareen is my very favorite person to study with and I do so as often as possible. But.... I do have some points of disagreement with her, especially where I think she teaches differently than she performs. For me, it is the rigid, rather forward of center posture that is my main difference with her. This does not mean that I can't learn all the great things she has to offer. I think there are many kinds of shimmies and I do one in which I clench my glutes, rather along the lines of what Raqia Hassan seems to do. But for a big, blurbly shimmy like Soheir Zaki's, you do need to relax from the ribcage and sort of sit into you pelvis more, with no clenching. In this case Shareen may have been teaching a specific shimmy technique.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sedoniaraqs View Post
    You use Elvis to illustrate the wrong way -- I use the "Let's do the time warp again" dance.

    I love illustrating the wrong way to do things.

    me too!!!! you should see my this is the wrong way (feet/ knees in wide stance) "where's the pole" camel.... the students love it..... & NEVER (knock on wood!) think of ever "cameling" that way !!!!

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    In general I've always had good posture, I stand straight, shoulders back, head up etc. - thank you mom. The military reinforced good posture.

    Long long ago in a land not so far far away in the military they taught us to stand straight, head up, shoulders back, knees slightly bent and the spine should be in a straight line from the neck to the tailbone and extending to the floor in an invisible line. (I think they also called it elongated back or long relaxed back)

    They further explained that there should be 'no curves in the spine-line' when it gets to your butt - no tucking or pushing out. No fish-hooks!

    Also, proper form in weightlifting is essential to avoiding injury. Sometimes the booty needs tucked and other times it just needs to be a straight spine-line.

    just my $.02

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