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    Big Grin Hello!

    Hi! It's great to be here. I've been looking for a place to exchange ideas and share my experiences and feelings about bellydance.
    I've been dancing since May of 2005, however I still feel very much like a 'baby belly' as they call it in my neck-of-the-woods.
    It's taken me a long time, perhaps longer than many people here, to really get a feel for the music and to learn how to create choreography.
    It's been a slow and sometimes frustrating process, but by far, also the most exhilarating.
    My main area of interest is the traditional Egyptian-cabaret style of dance, although I do tend to mix it up and do some fusion-type-stuff a lot of the time. Tribal isn't really my style, but it is a lot of fun to watch others do it. Who knows; I might try it if and when I feel like I'm really comfortable with the cabaret stuff!
    I live in Utah with my husband and kids, and am expecting our third and final one in November. It's a little harder to dance with the extra baggage:-) but I'm determined to keep going until the day our little guy arrives!
    (we'll see how that goes at seven-plus months, lol)
    I guess there's not much else to say that isn't in the profile, but it's great to meet all of you!

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    Hello & welcome,
    Enjoy this forum, it's lot's of fun!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations on baby no. 3.
    I have 3 also, and they all love to dance (oriental style of course.)
    Nice to meet you.
    Smiles from Down Under.
    Lotus Dancer

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    Welcome in this wonderfull forum !!!
    Enjoy reading, posting and having fun !!

    Maria Aya, Athens, Greece


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