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I would love to come visit again. I've only been once with my mother, probably 15 years ago now! She's from Manila so we spent some time there first but Cebu was our second stop.

I did karate when I was little, then tae kwon do and hapkido (both korean), and capoeira (brazilian martial art/dance). I started when I was small, but didn't get particularly far in any of them because I was always curious to try more types of martial arts! And then I started dance, and that took over my life...

Thanks about the website, I'm quite proud of it because I did it myself I would love to visit the P.I. again, check out the bellydance scene (I can just imagine there are some gorgeous bellydancers), and do a run through the jungles and beaches. One day!
Wow, you sure had your share of martial arts! Taekwondo is very popular here while capoeira is still new. The only one I tried is tae-bo with Billy Blanks so many years ago!

In Manila and Cebu, a LOT has changed in 15 years. You will totally love the beaches and jungles, as in totally! Some are too commercialized and jampacked with tourists and locals especially in the peak season though. We are such a "mall" people. Mall of Asia in Manila is the 3rd largest mall in the world and has the biggest 3D Imax screen in the world. Cebu is usually where tourists make as a base, very popular. And belly dancing fever is growing here!

Wish I could take lessons under you so I hope I'll be here when you come over .

Take care girl!