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    Default Yet another beginner video Learn How to Belly Dance: Learn How to Belly Dance: Movies & TV

    Amazon seems to think I want this dvd.

    Here's the info from the website. The dvd is $6.39 there.

    Discover the exotic and fun world of belly dancing! This DVD will teach you how to belly dance by showing you 10 basic moves that are common with all types of this popular art form. Featuring the modern Egyptian style, the DVD also includes helpful tips on choosing your costume as well as showcase performances to help inspire you to create your own dance combos! A bonus Belly Dancing Workout will provide you with an excellent cardio workout to help tone muscles in your arms, hips, thighs, and abs. Belly dance is the perfect exercise to help you achieve your fitness goals, feel good about yourself, and have fun!

    Chapter Selection
    • History and Types of Belly Dancing
    • Choosing Your Costume
    • Warm Up
    • 10 Modern Egyptian Style Movements
    • Zills (finger cymbals)
    • Cool Down
    • Showcase Performances
    Belly Dancing Workout

    Is this a Hillary Thacker reprint? Kinda looks like her, sorta.
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    doesn't look like Hilary to me and it appears to be American - but why should anyone other than a complete beginner who has never bought another BD dvd want one that is produced by someone anonymous.

    PS They aren't recommending it to me -I got Thrillin Drillin and Azziza's Practice Companion recommended - do you already have these?


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