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    I cannot remember my own first lesson at all ... too long ago.

    But what I teach in Lesson One is
    Posture (that's a major focus for Beginners classes anyway)
    Walking- step/touch that is
    And I am teaching the first Routine Aswan from Keti Sharif's Routines. They are great.
    Then Figure 8's and an introduction of hip drop.
    The cool down has some 'pharonic flavour', I use a stretch routine with pharonic arms to 'Cleopatra in New York'.

    Ah ja, I also give out a handout with a brief introduction of myself, my style, my school and all the routines they can eventually learn from me.

    I love teaching Beginner classes, even though they can be so challenging. But changes are so obvious after only 5-6 weeks in flexibility, keeping rhythms etc.

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    Wow cannot remember that far back but I do remember that I had fun and found my passion for the dance.
    Now when I teach a new class I make it fun and light their fire for the dance.
    Start off with warm up.
    Posture and basic stance
    hip circles and fig eight , basic hip drops and bumps, chest slide and basic shimmy.. instead of arm work I work with a veil only bring in arm work after the 5 lesson as by then their arms have had a bit of practice with the veil and all do not go into total shock with their arms getting sore. Found that 90% of my students love their veil work
    The end off with a talk and cool down
    By the next lesson 99.9% come in with their own shimmy belts and ready to dance dance and dance some more.
    My husband works at the main airport and so many of my students are from that enviroment as workers or wives of workers and he saids that the guys at work cannot believe the differnce in the wives. For me that is the biggest compliment ever...............ummmm I so love to dance

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    1. Getting to know each other exercise (this helps me recall names and allows my students to immmediately break down any walls built by shyness) and a gentle warm up.

    2. Posture

    3. Basic walk and gliding walk

    4. Posture

    5. Hips lifts and sways

    6. Posture

    7. Rib cage isolation and mid-body flexibility

    8. Posture

    9. Basic arm positions

    7. End with a very simple dance composed of basic moves.

    My classes last approximately an hour and a half, with beginning and continuing classes overlapping for a quarter or half an hour, depending on how early continuing students want to come or how late beginning students want to stay.

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    Default Easy to remember

    Easy to remember as my bellydance student life is only 2 weeks old

    Hip hits
    ribcage slides
    walking with hip hits
    big circles
    Shoulder pushes
    get to know each other exercise
    how to hold arms correctly for shoulder pushes
    grapevine using shoulder pushes and couple of other arm movements
    how to walk properly
    Hip tuck - sorry dont know correct name for this yet where you tuck your tail under by engaging your belly muscles

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