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I agree, befriending here is a bit arbitrary and shouldn't be taken too seriously, but still a nice gesture.

I like Facebook. But being the privacy fiend that I am, I have it set up so that no one but my friends can see anything about me, other than my name, and can't send me messages or anything. Farasha, you could change your settings and do the same - and also reject all apps. Plus I think the apps phase is mostly over now, thank goodness.
I hope so. The only reason why I joined Facebook is because an online friend of mine wanted me to see her page, but I had to join in order to see it. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, but I'm already a member of four other forums/communities, and really don't want to get bogged down in another. I'm pretty sure my friend understands. We keep in touch through letters and phone calls, too, and she's also a member of two other communities I'm in, so it's not like Facebook is our only means of contact.