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    Default 10-15 minute lesson help

    Hello, I am new here and ma glad to have found a wonderful place like this!! Anyways, I have been interested in belly dance for about 2 or 4 years, but I am not amazing at it unfortunately.. But I am mainly interested in Tribal style and Tribal fusion. Anyways, here is my situation:

    I am in an introduction to teaching class at my community college and our assignment is to do a 10-15 minute lesson on anything of our choice. I am choosing belly dance. I am wondering what I should teach in that amount of time.

    I am nervous about teaching basic moves since there are boys in the class and they may not be up to it, but perhaps I could teach them to zahgareet (sp?) and to do snake arms... Other than that should I explain differences in styles or costuming?

    I guess what I am asking is what would you teach to a group for 10-15 minutes?

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    Don't be nervous about the boys - unless you already know they are jerks - boys and men belly dance too.

    Snake arms are quite hard - both to teach and on the arms if people don't have arm strength.

    Is there actually space to teach movement? If so, a short 3-4 minute warmup - basically travelling steps to some Arabic pop and then posture and one or two simple hip moves. Say a rock and a circle. For safety sake, don't teach vertical figure eights or undulations (or anything that extends the lower back).

    Otherwise, maybe some info on costumes and style differences. Is there a DVD player there? Do you have a range of clips? (If so, if at all possible, make a single DVD to play so you aren't fiddling in and out)


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