7 different DVD's for sale


Hi all,

back when I had an online belly dance store I bought a whole bunch of dvd's! The vast majority of these I opened, viewed once and put away. I was looking through my library and decided to thin the herd. These are all dvd's that I literally scanned or watched once and put away. Except the Turkish Belly dance once I bought from someone... anyway, thought I'd share them here

The Heartbeat of BellyDance | eBay

Mastering The Dance Amar Gamal | eBay


I don't have ebay but I'm interested in Heartbeat and Bellydance & Balance. How much for the two plus postage to Australia?


Hi Darshiva,

I think since I posted them on ebay they might send the FBI after me if I sell them outside their precious cirlce of buying/selling.

Farasha Hanem

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I'd be interested in the veil one and the Turkish style one, but I probably need the Mastering The Dance more, since I'm such a spaz. -_-