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    Hi Again Candy Cane,
    You don't look like the kinda girl who would let what others think or say affect what you do!!!

    Others thoughts and words are there own concern.
    If your content in your own skin, then dance any genre you want.
    Whether it be Ballet, Rock n Roll, Ballroom etc...
    I have many girls in our Troop who have beautiful artwork, and we cover all genres Oriental, Egyptian, Tribal, Fusion Styles etc....
    They are all Welcome to dance any style they wish.
    If those watching don't like it, fine, then don't watch!
    I think you look Beautiful by the way and would Welcome You any day into our Troop.
    I could really choreograph a special piece featuring those beautiful angels wings....they are just stunning.

    Smiles to you.
    Lotus Dancer.
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    Well thank you. =) That sounds really fun!

    I dont really care for what people say, i love my body and i will decorate it as I see fit. I work at a tattoo shop so I love seeing the ideas people come up with.

    I think I've just always wondered what other bellydancers thought. Me and my friend, when we did Tribal bellydancing, we were the only ones with tattoos, I've never bellydanced with anyone with tattoos. he he

    I love bellydanceing, It makes me feel so...sensual and free. I wouldn't have anyone change my ideals for anything.

    I'm suprised there aren't that many bellydancers from hawaii on here...I should tll some of the girls I know to sign up! =)

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Belly dancing in Hawaii or winter in New England.

    Since the snow has not started here in Massachusetts yet,I
    still have time to make that island bound flight!

    Hope you enjoy the discussions here!

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