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    Big Grin Hello from Calgary Canada..

    Hi, my name is Alessa and I have been dancing with Amarna at Daughters of the Nile for about a year and a half now.
    And wow do I love it!
    This fall I started with our Junior Troupe. I am actually counting down the days (and practicing my butt off) to our Nile Odyssey which is only a few weeks away!
    Bellydance was the only thing that helped me with my depression and body hatred.
    It has actually brought me out of my creative block and I find myself immersed in all that glitters, jingles and sways as I have begun making my own hip scarves and costumes.
    I finally feel like my life has meaning... purpose. I find I am much more accepting of my talent and limitations through this beautiful dance form and all it has introduced me to.
    I stand taller and I feel better.. and thats just a start.
    But I am going waaay off topic with this.
    I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to everyone.


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    Welcome to the forum Aleesa. I am very happy for you, that the dance has given you such a sense of self and great joy.

    Congrats on joining the junior troupe. How exciting this journey must be for you.

    May your joy of self, dance and life continue to flourish!
    Dance is like glitter, it not only colours your life, it makes you sparkle, you find it everywhere and in everything and it's near impossible to get rid of. (unknown)

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    Welcome and happy posting!


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