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    Default Where do messages go when you click "report this"?

    Who gets the messages when you click "report this" on a post? Is anyone keeping an eye on that mailbox?

    The reason for asking is that a couple of days ago I used the button to report a spammer (in the lyrics section, the thread about the song "Dere Geliyor"), and the spam message is still there.

    Today, another spam user name posted on that same thread. So now it has two spam messages on it.

    Could a moderator please delete both the spam messages and the replies I posted to those warning people to avoid clicking on the spam links?

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    The messages go to the moderator/s. If the mod doesn't pick up her/his email they might not be seen. Unfortunately other forum mods can't delete them.

    We have had a lot of spammers recently, they are soooo annoying.
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