My apologies if this is not an appropriate place to post. I also posted under the Event section, but I wasn't sure if it would reach the right audience there.

I am the organizer of the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive. We have 2 pro-shows at the event that are by audition only. We also have a festival during the daytime that does not require an audition.

We don't expect anyone to fly to Vegas to audition, so we have an online form where you can submit your youtube or googlevideos for consideration.

Would you like to be considered for our evening pro-shows at the Intensive this year?

Technically, today is the deadline, but because I failed to post a timely reminder announcement about the pertinent deadline, I have opted to extend the deadline for until April 15th. This is your last opportunity.

Visit the following link to read about requirements as well as to get the link to the online registration form. Click here for the Pro-Show Submission Information Page.

This deadline is for the pro-shows only. There are still festival performance opportunities on Saturday and Sunday. The festival registration form is also on the website. Please visit our Festival Information Page for more details.