Hello, I would really appreciate your help!

My cousin, convinced me - only last night - to perform at her 40th birthday party tomorrow night! I went to classes for a few years - but this was before I had a child, about 5 years ago!

Well I've managed to pull an outfit together but I've only got tonight to practise so I could really do with your help as I just don't have the time to do it all myself!

First, I need to select some music, it needs to be Turkish (I'm from a Turkish family). I used to have some great music which I bought off my previous teacher but just can't find it. Can anyone recommend a good piece? It needs to be quite varied in tempo - I don't have the stamina to shimmying all the way through! Also, I'd like something with some character, if that makes any sense, so I can style it out with playful gestures - sexy but slightly humourous if you know what I mean. Ideally, it would start of slow so I can walk in covered in a veil with some slow graceful moves and then build it up. It will need to be music that I can download immediately obviously!

That's the main help I need - apart from that, if you have tips on how I can fill out my performance then please let me know - or any good online clips I can watch for inspiration. I've got a couple of tribal fusion dvd's that I'll have a look at. I'll have a veil so I can play with that for a while. Any ideas on how I can approach my cousin in the performance? Any moves that work particularly well for a performance?