I am doing an "extended belly gram" on Saturday for a big family reunion/wedding celebration. The lady is paying me extra to extend it an extra 5 minutes, so it would be a 20 minute show. All of the audience members are American, and only one in the group has ever seen belly dancers. She says she will pay me even more if it is the most amazing thing she and the audience has ever seen (but you know how that goes). I was just curious, what do you all think i should incorporate? Here is what i have so far:

1. enter with veil wrapped around neck and playing zills, dance for bride and groom at first and then make my way around
2. slower veil dance
3. faster dance
4. quarter trick (flipping the quarters on my belly, one of my specialties! Thank you Helena Vlahos!!)
5. drum solo
6. 1 minute finale or less

I enjoy throwing in some floorwork, but since this will be outside and on the grass AND i'll be wearing a skirt, i want to avoid it this time. any other fun ideas that i could substitute something with?

Thanks everyone!