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    Default Belly Dancers who want to perform! (anyone near or in Nassau County, NY)

    Email contact: or contact me on this site

    Looking for belly dancers-

    For any belly dancers who live in or near Nassau County, New York,
    who want to be part of a belly dance troupe/company.

    I am looking for belly dancers who want to be part of a committed belly dance troupe/company. We would perform anywhere between a few performances a month to maybe one every three months. It would be anywhere on long island, in NYC, at events and festivals like rakkasah, have belly dance fun, maybe some contests, and even make some money performing at weddings, parties and other events. This is for dancers who are interested in being in a troupe and get together and practice/dance (for free). We will have fun, learn from each other, and create choreographies to perform at festivals and other events.

    If you’re willing to commit to a troupe:
    ---Contact info is at the bottom. Tell us about yourself (who were your instructors? Any performances? What props do you know? Anything you want to say.)
    ---At least one year belly dance experience. If you learn quickly and come to all practices, you can definitely become part of the troupe. (if less experience, contact me anyway)
    ---Your willing to make time for the troupe. We all have other commitments, but making some practice time isn’t the toughest thing to do, if it doesn’t work out, you can leave, there is no contract.
    ---Youngest age allowed to join troupe: 18

    ---You don't need to know every prop but will learn most.
    ---Props you will learn and perform with: veils, zills, candles, canes, swords, wings, and possibly some other stuff in the future.
    ---There will be many different choreographies to share with you: cabaret, some tribal, Egyptian, Turkish, Arabic, drum solos, floor work, some Bollywood, different prop routines, etc! You may even become a creative part of the troupe and create choreographies or do anything else. Of course our dancers will be credited with anything they contribute to.
    ---You’ll be receiving some notes, just information a professional belly dancer should know… different dance styles, different music types and rhythms, etc. You do not have to memorize these notes!! It's just information we will give you so you have it. It is some interesting facts and some history. We are just letting you know that the information is available to you.
    ---NO PRESSURE!! If you can't get a certain prop or can’t remember something, it’s no big deal. You don’t dance to stress yourself, if you become a member of the troupe, you will get it with our help.

    About the creator:
    My name is Anita and have been dancing for 5 ˝ years. I am very committed to belly dance and spend a lot of time on anything that has to do with it. This troupe has been organized and planned for about a year and a half now, but all that is needed now are committed dancers. It has been such a struggle finding dancers near my own age who love the dance as much as I do. I am 21 years old and throughout my entire belly dancing experience, it was rare I found somebody my age that dances well, so I know you are out there, and this will hopefully let me find you. I create choreographies, plan events, create websites for my troupes, promote, and getting our name out there is what I love to do, but most importantly is dancers, to form such a troupe, it needs you to make this possible. I am looking forward to dancing with anyone who has a passion for belly dancing and will bring beauty to our performances!

    ---CONTACT/ANY QUESTIONS--- or (516) 503-3807
    Need your name, age & contact info
    Interested in the troupe? Send a little information about yourself and your belly dance experiences.
    Interested in the opportunity to perform, with no commitments? If you don’t have a lot of time & it’s just for fun, contact me as well! You can still have the opportunity to perform.
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