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    Default Ribcage Shows...

    forgive me if this is the wrong forum....wasn't sure where this was most appropriate...

    anyway. i'm an intermediate bellydancer so i've been doing it for a good while.

    something that makes me different, whether its a good or bad thing, is that when i do my chest pops, my ribcage shows...a lot.

    i'm a healthy person; not too skinny or anything. but i notice when others do chest pops, you cant see their ribcage.....i know i'm doing the right technique.

    so i was just many of you out there have the same thing? i'm just curious

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    Er do you mean are you doing something differently or are you built differently to other dancers you see?
    When you say long does that mean you've mean dancing?
    What style are you dancing?

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    It's possible that you just have a prominent rib cage...but it's very probable that you are 'popping' your chest FORWARD (horizontal to the floor) rather than lifting the rib cage up (perpendicular to the floor). An educated teacher can show you the difference.


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