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Thread: So Much Fun!

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    Big Grin So Much Fun!

    tonight my bellydance instructor and one of her troupe members performed at a greek restaurant. i got to go!

    it was so much fun! i've never had greek food before and it's yummy!

    the bellydancing was great! i loved it so much

    then, something unexpected but exciting happened: my instructor came up to me and told me that the song that my class has learned a routine to was coming on soon and i could dance to it if i wanted. cus you see, my instructor was going to dance to it along with a girl in my class who came to the event.

    so.....i grabbed a friend's hip scarf and danced in front of everyone! lol

    i didn't mind dancing in front of everyone in a restaurant, but it was my first time to dance in front of random strangers. the only place i've bellydanced before was at our haflas, where bellydancers and their families come to watch. so there are strangers there, but there's a completely different atmosphere. oh and renfest. but that's a different atmosphere too. people go for stuff like a restaurant, it's a very modern feeling. not atmospheric like haflas or renfest. ya know what i mean?

    it was so much fun...........except for the fact that i kept ending up right in front of this old man who was watching me intently .....i kept ending up there because of the way the choreography is. i would have much rathered ending up in front of my fiance haha

    oh well

    that was SOOOOOOO much fun!

    a salsa teacher that came for the show complimented me on my dancing >_<


    thought i'd share. thanks for reading

    any cool experiences like that that you would like to share with me? thanks

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    Congrats Sure sounds like fun, getting up to dance like that wouldn't leave room for nerves as much as when you know well ahead of time you are dancing somewhere, so it would help keep you kind of relaxed
    Dance is like glitter, it not only colours your life, it makes you sparkle, you find it everywhere and in everything and it's near impossible to get rid of. (unknown)


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