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    Yeah, that is true... I guess language isn't the only barrier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoleDanceABCs View Post
    Thanks for the input.

    I know that Tribal isn't considered bellydance but a fusion of bellydance and other modern dances. It just seems like the only place I can get info and help with it is here. I haven't found a strictly Tribal forum out there but if there is one then that might be a better choice or fit for me.

    I would say yes I am totally into the Tribal vibe and feeling. I feel more of a connection to that branch than let's say Turkish or Caberet style. I think it goes back to some of the things that other people posted here... about being authentic or not being from of/from that culture. Plus Tribal is something I can see myself practicing and doing. I prefer the electronic music and the costuming and the message I get/feel when I watch or dance Tribal.

    I would love to take a bellydance class or for those darn NetFlix vids to get to me. I know that getting in some basics of bellydance would greatly help me. I moved to Germany a year ago so even if there was a class near me I wouldn't know how to find it or if I'd be lucky enough to get a teacher that spoke some English. Even broken English is fine because it is the major points or concepts I want to know and understand. I'm in the Mannheim area so any thoughts on schools or teachers?

    So I say that I mix my pole dance with some bellydance "moves" not bellydance itself. Sorry if that offends some of you guys but please don't mix pole dance with strippers or sex clubs. If that is something someone wants to do that is their thing but it doesn't meant all pole dancers do that. Uhhh.... that is as bad as someone saying that if you bellydance you work at a brothel or like having money shoved down your belt while you shimmy. Pole dance is here to stay baby... it is all about empowerment and it is the best workout ever... besides bellydance.

    I think that is what I like about both dance forms... I feel pretty and powerful and yeah, sexy too. Both dances require a lot of practice and mental sharpness. It is not like a simple waltz or foxtrot. I know they can be hard too but people pick that up a bit easier than inverting on the pole or being able to really control the abs and hips and glutes.

    Be well!
    hya there sweetie! looks like you've been using my fav dvds, Rachel and Sharon! they rrrock!

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