A basic bellydance wardrobe exists of...


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So, at one point in your bd carriere you look at your wardrobe and come to the conclusion that x-part of it consist of bd- clothing or is at least convertable to the cause. But what are the items any serious bellydancer should have or at least desires?

My thoughts so far:
- a two piece/ bedleh; I think one in a neutral colour(gold/silver) would do best as it combines easily.

-skirts, several colours and styles.

- Saidi dress.

- Baladi dress(though I still don`t quite get the specific style difference between saidi and baladi dresses.)

- scarfs, for class and others! I cannot imagine having enough variations in that one!

- harempants.

- veils, I took them into the wardrobe section instead of props because most of the times the veils match the skirts.


I was just thinking that if you put veils in for that reason you probably should put canes & wings in too - they too need to match.

A basic (beginners) costume wardrobe consists of:

Circle skirt, black.
Choli, black.
Hipscarves - whatever tickles your fancy.

Everything else gets added to it over time as budget and tastes allow.

The reason for black is that it's rare to find someone it doesn't look good on and it matches everything. Black makes it very easy to co-ordinate at the drop of a hat with other dancers. Cholis have the benefit of being more modest than a bra and again they tend to look good on most bodies. Hipscarves are a bellydance staple. If you don't have them, you're not a lifer!


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I think that this changes depending on what stage of your dance journey you are currently in at the time. A basic set for a student, a basic set for a starting performer, and a basic set for a professional will all be quite different.
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I have to agree with mahsati.
When I started a year ago, all I had was a pair of spandex leggings, a sport bra and a pleated circle skirt I happened upon at the local thrift store. Later I found a coin and beaded hip scarf.
That is still the outif I use when practicing. Not that I feel anywhere near confident enough to ever perform in public. However, now that i have been at it for a little over a year, I'm feeling the desire to make a real bd costume.


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I think it would depend on your level and your goals. For example, unless I just want a couple for my ego/pictures, I am never going to have any reason to spend hundreds of dollars on beautiful imported costumes. But if someone were going to be a professional danlcer someday....it would be a good investment.

Black basics are a good idea. It kind of follows the same principle of building an everyday wardrobe without spending too much...

I followed that advice for a wardrobe....the advice that tells you to take white plus 2 neutrals (black, brown, navy, and gray) and buy all your basics in those...and then choose 2-3 colors that go together to add accessories and extra pieces. It works really well.....the only problem is that if you don't start adding the colors...it gets to be a little boring looking.

Belly dance that would be easier though....if you bought skirts, harem pants, and choli tops in solid black, you could very easily change the look of your costume by changing hip scarves and accessories.


Speaking from a photographers view, the only problem of having an all-black bd costume is when the dancer wearing it is performing on a poorly lit stage with a dark background is that the pictures most likely won't be as good as they could have been. It is d**n difficult to shoot good pics (at least when I've tried to) when both the stage and the costume is dark.
I love to wear dark-coloured costumes myself, but I've come to a conclusion that I really need to wear bright colours if the images should be as good as possible. My favourite costume at the moment (apart from the one I'm wearing in my avatar pic) is black and silver, but on poorly lit stages I'm most likely to wear a multicoloured veil such as the one in my profile picture.

And it is certainly possible to spend $$$ on pro quality costumes even if you never become a pro dancer. A good friend of me love to buy new pro costumes, but as far as I know she has no intention of becoming a pro. The way she sees it, it is better to have a one (or two) good fitting (pro) costumes than several bad fitting cheaper costumes if she would ever start to perform even in amateur settings.


A serious belly dancer needs one nice costume at least. Not necessary top of the range, just something nice that suits her :)

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Silver and/or gold bedlahs are always good because then you can match them up with just about any skirt to give you a variety of "new" costumes.


Greek Bonfire, I was suddenly trying to look for the 'like-button' so I could click 'like'. I spend way too much time on Facebook...


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I never thought of it from a photographer's pov....good point. I've only done photography for newspapers and news websites...and I was not exactly sought after..in fact, I'm terrible at photography and only sold pictures because there was absolutely nobody else available to photograph the events..

But now that you point that out...I can see where that might make it hard to get a good picture. The same thing would happen that happens in a lot of people's pictures that turn out not looking anything like them....the lines and shapes would kind of blend and blur...