A Few Hot Belly Dancer Costumes


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Hot Sexy Fashions Pictures: Be His Belly Dancer

I like some of these costumes, how about you.


Just a word from the wise, the people on this forum tend to get really irritable at folks that come by and try to make a post in the guise of conversation when it's really about selling their product. There is a Market place forum and that's really the place to put this kind of post.


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Oh yeah, cheese central. But if anyone wants a conservative belly dance costume with seethrough harems they know where to go (the red scary one :shok:).

Did the OP put this in the Sauna as some Hot belly dancer joke? (synthetics and coins in a sauna... ouch ouch ouch)


Shanazel's evil moderator twin from costumes transferred it here. Was she wrong?
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Now come on folks. Look at the thought that has gone into that design and the quality of the material!;)

Who needs an Eman when you can be HOT!!!!?:lol:


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Hmmmmm Is barbieJ that crazy doll in toy shops? those weird bits of fabric seem to be something barbie would wear.

As for the serena costume, that is just strange, the model looks like she forgot to comb her hair (maybe she had been tousling with the pink snake she is holding), the outfit is just strange.

I think barbiej need to wash her/his mouth out with soap for posting such trashy things on here as BD costumes! :protest:

Jail time for her/him!http://smileycons.com/


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I would like to see that girl trying to dance :lol:

Please wear a skirt lady and close your mouth.


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I would like to see that girl trying to dance :lol:

Please wear a skirt lady and close your mouth.

I don't!! Especially in that costume - I think we'd see WAY too much. I find myself wondering where her little face veil is, and hey, at least they didn't say, "Dance for your sultan!"


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OMG This is just sad it really is as well as insulting. I did a gig where the theme was harem nights. Of course they hire myself and another belly dancer to perform. Some chick comes up in the middle of our performance wearing this costume in black giving it up. She tried to turn it into a dance off. Notice I said tried. The dancer and I turned the soptlight on her since that is what she wanted and she froze up. We danced with her then continued on with our routine. I was so insulted when this was over!!! :mad: