A few questions about dancing ..


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Hey there

I am thinking about starting belly dancing .. as a friend of mine suggested that I might be good for it .. but I was wondering if you could give me some more details on the sport?

They saw me dancing (yikes!) and said that I should give Belly Dancing a go, as they think I'd be good at it ..
Hi Dazzler, What a good name! :) We're glad you're interested in belly dance, although I don't consider myself an expert, I would be happy to share info with you.
Although you describes it as a sport, it actually is dance based on the folkloric traditions from the Middle East and North Africa. No one can really say when and where it started, but it is believed to very old dance, that has evolved as people come in contact with it. The dance movements are characterized by fluid,graceful undulations(wave like motion) of the body to sharp, staccato accents of the hips and shoulders to vibratory, shimmies. Each part of the body is moved in isolations which require good posture and muscle control. A belly dancer(like all dancers) move in time to the rich music of th Middle East, making the body a visual conduit for the rhythmical sounds.
there are many regional style of bellydance, for example Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Persian, Greek Style Bellydance, American Cabaret and American Tribal etc. but more imortantly, belly dance is not a dance of seduction, nor a strip tease designed to arouse men, althogh the movements are earthy and sensual, they are not danced in a sexy way(this only demeans the dancer and the art). I'm sure my other experienced forum members can also help toward your journey into this dance. So take a class and have fun.


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Hi Dazzler
Just find a teacher and have a go! Or try some instructional DVDs - there are lots and people on this forum will be able to recommend some. Personally I prefer going to classes as you can have the moves explained again and again and in different ways, but with a DVD if you don't get a move and it isn't explained in a way that makes sense to you, you're a bit stuck. Also a teacher can pick up on when you're doing it wrong :rolleyes:

Dunno if it's a sport though, any more than yoga or ballet is sport:confused: . I mean, I do bellydance, and I'm one of the last-to-be-picked-for-teams-at-school types. I've had aversion therapy for sports...

Finally, the wise woman speaks: Do it because you want to, not because you might be good at it!

Happy dancing,
A xx


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I think I''ll just have to agree with the other ladies. It is a wondeful dance, with a rich cultural background and ofcourse the beautiful ME music.

And it's not a sport.. it's an art:cool:

Only one advice for me to give: try it sincerely and get hooked:D


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yshka said:
And it's not a sport.. it's an art
I agree, but it's just as good for your body as most sports are ;)

I hope you'll decide to learn bellydancing Dazzler, it's great!


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Hey Dazzler!

You've just happened to ask for advice from the most biased crowd :) But all the previous posts are true! Dancing is great, because it can be a very healthy way of excercise as well as a good method for learning - both, about the dance as well as yourself.

So, look around this forum, go ahead and ask questions. There are a lot of people here to help and encourage.

Happy dancing!



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Thankyou all for the massive welcome :)

Thanks for all the great adivce :)

Thanks MichelleD - I took a look at your blog .. AMAZING ! Lovely dance videos .. thankyou :)