Ahlan wa sahlan in the news


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Raqia Hassan's Ahlan wa Sahlan festival made it to CNN. I thought it was an interesting news bite, and overall pretty positive compared to how oriental dance is usually portrayed by the media:


The Ahlan wa Sahlan dance contest mentioned caught my attention because the winner was Bozenka, the dancer that A'isha and Moon were discussing on a thread on the old forum site just a few days ago. Here's a clip, and clips of the second and third place dancers:

First place dancer (Bozenka from US)

Second place dancer (Natalia Kurashko, Russian?)

Third place dancer (Beata from ?)


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As things have changed in Ahlan Wa Sahlan from the last 3 years, where someone to win or be in the 3 first places had to dance arabic style, its not suprize that these girls won.
I prefered also much more the 3rd dancer. There was a bit of soul in her dance also.
As for Bozenka... boring. I've seen her in much more interesting dance.

Maria Aya:confused:


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I think the appeal of the third dancer is due to the fact you get to see a longer clip of her performance verses the first and second place winners. I would assume that each had to dance drum solos as well as longer peices that aren't on the video clips. You also lose the energy of a live crowd in video. I've noticed that in watching our performance videos that there is a "flatness" for lack of a better word that comes from not being able to capture on video that energy feed between the audience and the dancer. I do LOVE the costume the third dancer was wearing over the other two.
If I click onto the a.m. adresses all I see are cyrillic letters. And you girls made me so desperate to watch the 3 performances.

Can anyone give away how to enter the clips?


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I just click on the links and windows media player automatically opens up and plays the clips. You have to have windows media player installed on your computer. if you do, it should automatically recognize .wmv files and play them.

I just tried the links; they are still working.