Alexay Ryaboshapka

Aisha Azar

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I Loved Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Letti,
This guy is great and I loved his dancing. I though his choreography was interesting without being so darn perfected robotic. His feeling and life was shining through and he understood that the movement should be relaxed and effortless, yet powerful at the same time. He addressed subtle changes in the music with both feeling and movement and I hope to see him in person some day! Thanks for sharing.
I also never once got the feeing that he thinks he is God's gift to the dance or that it is all about him. Instead he lets his feeling for the music come through beautifully.


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he was at orits festival in eilat last week, and i absolutely LOVED his workshops, choreographys and shows!!! i really hope to be able to take more workshops with him. loved loved loved his dancing, technique, interpretation!!


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Cool video, I've never seen him before. I don't know much about male belly dancers (we don't seem to have many, if any, in my city). This dude's got a really great presence.


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Great dancer! I love how his movements are smooth and all link together in a very nice way.

I always like to see dancers who feel the music and he is definitely one of them!