am i welcome here??


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Question of welcome?

Hey Arabic Dancer,
Not sure why you would wonder if you're welcome (am I missing something?). Of course you are! Hello!


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A very warm welcome arabic dancer

I'm sure you'll love this community..:pray:

Are you a beginner like me?:)

I've learnt quite a diverse and interesting views from the moderators and members here.. ;)

arabic dancer

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Thanxxx Alot ....Tribal Dancer for ur Kind..(sorry 4 my langough),,,;) ur so funny ...

Thanxxx Alot ..... vinstones 4 ur welcome....:)


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Tribal is good.

Caberet is good.

Tunisian is good. is indeed, all good : )

Welcome to the tribe.
(Never mind "Kareema" hissing at me, we're doing 'Battle of the Dancers')


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Ahlan wa Sahlan arabic dancer !!!
Enjoy reading, learning and posting, and ofcourse dancing !!

Maria Aya Greece


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am i welcome here?

Hi there Qatar ,i am next door in Dubai! welcome and have a great time posting you have a name habibti?? Lydia


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am i welcome here?

Hi Memo.......welcome and we hope to see and hear more of you!! have a great day and happy posting lydia