American in Istanbul


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Selam dancers,

I have just joined the list, two years after I initially intended to. I am newly established in Istanbul, working on dance and language and life in the most beautiful city in the world.

I am looking forward to this list. I want to say here in my introduction that I am currently learning, sharing and developing dance based on traditional Turkish dance forms; folk, Ottoman, Roman, oriental, etc...
I have alot of background in North African and Gulf styles of Raqs Sharqi/Shaabi etc., and spent alot to time with Egyptian and American Tribal. The last few years have drawn me strongly to The Turkish disapora, and also contemporary dance. I am really enjoying it.

I am interested in sharing and recieving resources, information and performances. And I am certainly excited to meet new dancers.

Turkiyi'da misin? Cevap bekliyorum.:)

Best to everyone,

Jennet Shook


Hey Jennet! Glad you decided to join the forum. I am definately looking forward to your input on Turkish Oryantal! We're lucky to have ya :)


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Hos geldin, Jennet! :) I am so envious of you - even though Istanbul isn't in the top list of my favourite cities, I absolutely adore Turkey! I am looking forward to your posts about dance and life in general there!


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Welcome Jennet! And it is great to have here somebody that really *IS* in Turkey and can comment what is happening there.

Even though I use to travel Turkey frequently my trips are usually not related to dance and first thing I usually do in Istanbul is to find bus to Ankara/Izmir/Antalya/Mersin as soon as possible... it is interesting though that dance (and life in general) in the other areas of Turkey are so different than in Istanbul. Istanbul is like some strange island floating between Europe and Asia and at least I cannot really decide whether I really hate it or love it (in winter snowstorms without electricity in gecekondu areas it is easier to hate it... but I guess you will stay away from those areas so for dancing Istanbul really is fantastic town so enjoy it ;) )


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Selam again

Thanks for the welcomes all!

This isnt my first time in turkey, All together I have been here for five months and travelled around the Western and Central areas (cant wait to go North and East). This is just the time I have decided to STAY.

This summer I focused primarily on Roman with my teacher Reyhan, whom some of you might know- and whom I plan on talking about ALOT.
Anyway, I am still in love with the city, although the snow is coming and the hot water doesnt always fall!

Peace tonight, today, wherever you are.


Aisha Azar

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Well, hi there!!

Dear Jennet,
Glad to see you have made it to the forum!! You might see your name plastered here and there in the archives bring bragged on by Your's Truly!