Amira's Belly Dance 101


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Actually, I'm getting the Veena and Neena Discover Belly Dance: Basic Dance since I'm just starting. There aren't any dance instructors around so all I can do for now is DVDs. To start with it looks like Neena and Veena are pretty good but they don't talk about posture. I took ballet when I was little so I know the "posture" but I don't have it right now. I slouch to much! Anyway, I've been researching and Amira's Belly Dance 101 looks great and will be in my budget. Any ideas about it or anyother DVDs that yall think is better?


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i have this dvd and i love it so much since it shows the basic moves slowly and then a little bit faster. she also starts with discussing how important posture is ans shows it. since i am a bginner i find this dvd helpful in improving my technique and practice the moves i learn from my belly dancing class.

i also hae neena and veena..i like it too although just for the choreography which are kinda easy to learn (okay, except for the 3/4 walking shimmy part in dvd 2...i havent watched my dvd3 yet)

i also have jillina's and i really like the choreography in dvd 1 (havent watched the my level 2&3dvds yet). in fact im trying to learn it because i want to perform it in a charity dinner sometime in november....she explains the moveswell too and gives tips on how to do it properly

so, here is my review:

amira's bellydance 101: great for learning and improving the basic technique and moves

neena and veena: fun learning the easy choeography (dvd1 &2)

jillina's: great for technique and if you are ready to give your very first performane for you family and have no idea what choreograph to use, this is the dvd! (dvd1)

i hope this helps!:) :)