And yet another member from Germany . . .


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Hello Everybody,

As I “fell into the house with the door” yesterday (German expression for speaking without beeing asked, for confronting somebody with something abruptly), I’d like to take a couple of minutes to introduce myself.

After posting this, I'll go ahead and make a little change to my profile. Yesterday I wrote that I’m from Munich, but actually I live in Dachau, which is just about 15 miles north of Munich. I didn’t want to write Dachau because it has such a bad connotation to it because of its sad history. But Dachau really is a beautiful little town, the people are friendly and although we must never forget the past, the past is past.
“Munich” felt dishonest to me, so I’ll be changing it.

I’m 42 years old and I have been taking bellydance lessons for 4 years. There are times when I practise a lot and then again weeks go by and I don’t do one single step.
At times the sewing fever catches me, and I can sit there and sew and stich for hours.

I don’t attend as many workshops as I would like to because my working hours extend into the weekend, but then again, there are so many DVDs on the market meanwhile that I never run out of practising material.

Bellydance has always fascinated me and I really wish I had started to learn much earlier, I might even have aspired to make a little side career out of it. But I’m happy as it is. I’d classify my dancing abilities as intermediate, so there are quite a few moves which I can do quite well in the meantime, but there are uncountable other moves that don’t work yet. :wall:
I’ll keep practising.

I’m glad I found this forum – it looks like you are all having lots of fun with each other and try to share your knowledge whenever possible.

(Since I have seen other orient4all-forum-members here – hello to you all! :D )

Happy Dancing to everybody,


belly taz

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hi dance buddy welcome to the forum....i have also been dancing now for about 4 years...have fun posting and dancing:)


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Thanks for the welcome to you all. I'm glad to be here.

@desertdaughter: "German ex-pat"? - Have you emigrated to Australia?
They keep broadcasting these reports here on TV about Germans who emigrate to other countries. I find this very fascinating.

Sara Abou Farhat

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Hi Kaydeera,
lots of best wishes from Hürth & glad to see you've joined this wonderful forum. Like chryssanthi sahar, I'm also here al ot more than in the German Forum (I wonder why:cool: ).
Are you the same Kaydeera that was in Dahab? With Angelika?
Anyway, hope you have lots of fun here, find tips and new friends:D

Happy dancing,
Sara Abou Farhat