Armenian belly dancer Safinaz sentenced to 6 months for Egypt flag costume


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She offernded the Egyptian flag because she was wearing red bra and black skirt? These are so common colors! Or was the armband? I don't understand..
Anyway, I won't express my opinion about this law. Since a law has passed, it has to be respected. But I have to comment that it seems a bit generic, at least as presented in the article, and considering that the (non-egyptian) dancer did such great and fast success, i suspect that the accuse against her was not that innoccent. Perhaps someone found a cever way to stop her success..


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If we respect laws because it has been passed we will find ourselves one day respect what ISIS is doing, i agree with you that the accuse is not innocent, it's her competitors who work on this specially she was very popular, excellent, non Muslims and non Egyptian..


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I am sorry, didn't wanted to be misunderstood ...let me correct : in a free democmocratic state, we have to respect a law because it is voted by the majority..
Is Egypt now a democratic state? I honestly dont know. Do their laws express the majority of citizens? are they fair and modern? This is a political conversation that I can't participate to..
I am greek, I have been raised in a western coulture, in a democratic country, I have never been in Egypt, I know only a little about islamic extremism. Wearing flag colors here, signifies pride and honour to the country. For example, I have recently ordered a blue/white costume to remind the greek flag. Also, turkish friend of mine gave me a red/white costume as a gift (It is literally a turkish flag in a costume, with the crescent and the star all over it!). I will wear it once I am able to perform, in order to honour our friendship.
But I don't know if this is a common practice among the egyptian people. This is why I said I won't express my opinion about this law. It seems realy weird and inconceivable to me, but I dont have the backround to judje it.

I see you live in Egypt. What is the public opinion about this, how did the local media react?


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I understood well and not agree with you, Safinaz did not break any law, it's all up to the judge who tell if what she did is right or wrong.., it's okay but the competitors of safinaz worked on making it not okay.. most of the people here are happy she got that sentence cuz they are chauvinist and fanatic, the media reflect what the public opinion feel..


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I'm paraphrasing here, but something like:

"It is not only permissible, it is IMPERATIVE to resist unjust laws where-ever, and whenever they appear."

In other words, there are Laws, "Morals", and Ethics. The 3 seldom intersect. I come down on the side of Ethics EVERY TIME!

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This is extreme and stretching the letter of that law a whole lot. Now that is what a lawyer would argue here. I don't blame her for leaving the country. As much as it is a dream of many dancers to dance in Egypt, it's not the only place in the world to dance. There are a lot of nicer countries to play in.
I think Safinaz did just the right thing, leaving Egypt. If a place ain't art-friendly, why should an artiste like her stay there? Cairo's loss will be another city's gain.

I hv seen all or nearly all of Safinaz' dancing vids. She's playful, sometimes very playful. But that is what belly dancing has always been about, I thought. Good natured fun, albeit with an artistic bent. I never saw anything so outrageous that wud warrant an arrest, let alone a spell in the slammer.