Artist finally figures out computer

Hi, everyone.

I've been trying to figure out how to join this forum for a long while, but I'm still learning how to use a computer and how to type. Tonight, I have a secretary typing for me. Ha ha. No, really.

Salome kindly contacted me about creating belly dance paintings to print on apparel. In the meantime, Salome has been taking votes from readers on which of my current painting to use on our first t-shirt collaboration. I've appreciated everyone's kind words on that thread.

Sandra, my typist, says I must mention that I paint portraits for belly dancers, so if you want a painting of yourself in your ideal costume, please feel free to contact me.

I am looking forward to being a part of the interesting conversations that I've been reading for the past few weeks on this site. I also hope to post some interesting questions.

When Sandra is not here to type for me, my posts may be very, very short. (Sandra's note: Kelly just called me a name I won't repeat, but she is clearly not as thankful for my typing skills as she is pretending to be).

Kelly Hawes


New member
Dear Kelly, and dear Sandra as well - you are very welcome to the forum! I have checked out Kelly's website before - your works are wonderful! We are very happy to have a talent like yours among us!


LOL, name calling? tee hee. Kelly I'm so glad you joined! I know Zaynab already bought one of your prints! Congratulations and happy posting.