Attamen Aleik


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Does any one have a translation of Attamen Aleik?

اول قلبي ماحس ان انت عايزني وعتك حد حايشنى
سبت الدنيا وجيت لك جرى وجيت ياوحشنى
اطمن عليك نور عينيا ياغالي
انا جيت بالي طعم اليالي
بعدك يا غالي والله بقيت نار
انا جيت يانور عنيه الاتنين
انا ببقي بين قلبك وبينى ناريا نهار
انا جيت لك بتلكك تراضينى
عارفك قارينى ياابو قلب مكار
جيت لك ما انا روحي فيك

I found the arabic lyrics somewhere lol
And here is my translation
Ahem...:think: it says something about heart
after you, Oh God, the expensive fire will be continue,my soul is yours,Between you and myself there are guns. :rolleyes:

Ok,my attempt and google's attempt I think are totally wrong :lol: :lol:
Please someone who could really help ?:D
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