Attar Collective 2010 Workshops - New Zealand


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The Attar Collective Attar started in 2008 by Tanya, Kashmir and Zumarrad with the idea that pool of dance professionals and serious dance recreationalists with knowledge, skills and expertise could support and develop Belly Dance and Belly Dance professionals in New Zealand.

We started with some teacher training workshops and then decided to break out and provide a mini-festival where we designed a balanced program and picked some good teachers to deliver it. This is touring around New Zealand in February/March 2010.

Auckland - 20-21 February (TAPAC)
Christchurch – 27-28 February (YMCA)
Wellington – 6-7 March (WPAC)​
Our tutors vary from centre to centre but include:
Fern, Kashmir, Moonjelly, Tais, Tanya, Yurie, Ziva, Zumarrad​
Workshops too vary but include:
The Belly Dance Matrix - a multimedia presentation looking at the underlying cultural matrix
The Obsessive Image -looking at the dark side - part lecture, part physical workout
Building from the Base -what it actually means to "know" a move step through manipulation
Taking it Further - pushing familiar movements a little further
Latin Feet -adding a Latin flavour to your fusion
The Tribal Family Tree -history and practical with several genres of Tribal style bellydance
Tribal Bonds - Tribal improvisational movement development and musical theory
Self Assessment - tools to observe and measure some physical limitations
Tribute to Samia - trying some of Samia Gamal's signature movements and styles
Belly Dance - the last 100 years -a multimedia presentation looking at the development worldwide (includes part of Zum's thesis)
Discovering the Ouled Nail - dancing as one mesmerising and enigmatic ancestor of belly dance
"You've got to come back a star!" - performance skills - how to access the emotional body
Rediscover American Cabaret - typical AmCab movements and combinations including floorwork
Luscious Taqsims - exploring the taqsim to become juicy, expressive dancers
Oriental Choreography - expression - both physical and emotional - to Amani el Omr
Rhythms and Combinations - working on three slow rhythms often used as accents or transitions

More details on workshops and tutors plus registration etc on:



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Sounds like a wonderful festival & very different from any other line ups I have seen. Congrats on coming up with something quite special ladies.


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Okay, so now the Early Bird registrations have closed - but we are still taking pre-enrolments. If you enrol at least a week before the workshops (and we received the money before them) there is still some discount. We will take registrations on the door (if there is space) - but the price goes up.

This is a great chance to take workshops from Tanya (who has been studying Belly Dance for 22 years - but is hard to get at these days in Tauranga). Tanya taught and performed in Auckland until 1995 when she moved overseas, taking the opportunity to perform and study Oriental dance in Luxembourg, Germany, France, England and Tunisia. She also accepted invitations to teach workshops in Germany and France.

Then there is Zumarrad - known to you all - and me (with my 133 slide PowerPoint presentation and tons of video clips) and a bunch of top local teachers in each centre.