Attn Musicians! New Egyptian Oud bought from maker in Cairo


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Bought new in Cairo, Egypt, from the maker but never used other than tuning it for testing. John Bilezikjian tuned it and played it last time he was at Rakkasah West, 2 or 3 years ago, and said it's a good quality oud, worth no less than $900. I'm asking $900 for it. The body is inlaid with thin stripes of different color woods. Photos attached below.

On the English version of the label inside the 3oud body:
Oud House (Bait el 3Oud)
Ahmed Abd el Haliem
Manufacturing and Selling All Music Tools
It has a manufacturer's serial number.

After testing it, John loosened the strings just enough to relieve pressure from the neck for storage. It has not been played since then. It has been stored in a cool, dry room inside its soft case (included in the price).
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I'm not a musician but I just wanted to say that's a gorgouse instrument and wish you luck selling it.


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This is killing me. Why did the septic have to go out *this* year???
I keep telling myself I have a perfectly good oud, but I keep coming back to peek anyway! (darn Gear Acquisition Syndrome!)