Back from a long break


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Hi! I'm back to dance after at least a decade. I never really stopped dancing in my own kitchen but after grad school, marriage, and a move, I haven't been involved with any dance classes, performances, or community of any kind.

When I was last performing, bhuz was still the default community site. I'm sorry it's gone. An enormous amount of knowledge and discussion was lost from there -- and from hundreds of other specialty forums on all subjects, so many of which fell victim to facebook/insta. I'm not going there! I did check the various pertinent subreddits, but they're a mess of videos rather than discussion.

I was hugely relieved to see that at least this forum is still around. ;)


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Welcome to the forum - and you don't want to hear me "go on" about facesuck et al - they're RUINING the Internet. Glad to have you here!


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Wecome! It can be a little slow here compared to how things once were, but feel free to start a lively discussion! I still have way more opinions than everybody else wants to read! 😜


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Welcome to Oriental Dancer.

Tourbeau, so far I've managed to read every word without wearing out. Keep 'em coming.