Belly dancers in current TV spot


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Has anybody seen the latest Humira commercial? Blink and you'll miss it, but they're belly dancing around 0:23.

- It's shown as a respectable hobby along with other types of dancing.
- They resisted demonstrating symptom-free skin psoriasis with a dancer in a skimpy costume.

- Who holds dance classes or troupe rehearsals in a park?
- Is that what the demographic of your class looks like? They went out of their way to be color inclusive, but not size or age.



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I've never held classes in a park. Though it is sort of a sweet, romantic idea, I usually had at least a couple of shy dancers who would've been mortified to be practicing out in front of God and everybody.

My dancers came in all shapes and ages, but local demographics are 90% Caucasian and classes reflected that. I have been glad to be able to speak some Spanish occasionally and have had some native and black and mixed race dancers, but not many.


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Huh. I would go to that class. If they do Tai Chi in the park why not BD?
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Ha! Dance class in a park? BTDTGTTSGOO! (Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt, Going On Oprah!)
My wife, myself, and several dance sisters showed up for our usual Saturday morning class with Lana, who is one of about three dancers I'll use the word "Exquisite" to describe her dancing. Anyway, the studio was unexpectedly and inexplicably locked up tight. So after a bit of discussion, we decided we'd just have class in a park fairly close by.

The class was fine, once we found an area free of duck poop, but what ensued was "interesting". Lana is "one of those" - she'd look like a Goddess in sackcloth and ashes! So here she is, leading this class of 5 or 6 middle aged women and a GUY (of all things). The nearby 4 lane boulevard was a cacophony of cat calls, whistles, horn honking, and one Zhagareet from a passing dance sister of our acquaintance. It didn't bother any of us at all, but I finally told Lana (who is one of the most gracious people I've ever known, but was completely clueless about all the uproar) that there was going to be a traffic accident soon, because those people sure weren't honking at us students! We all (including Lana) laughed about this for years!
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My experience isn't as colorful as Zorba's, but I did teach a class in a park once. It was part of a promotional event organized by the studio where I was teaching at the time -- an afternoon of free classes showcasing the different styles the studio had. Some of my regular students were there, and anyone else who wanted to join in was welcome to try it out. It was fun -- I wouldn't mind doing it again.