Best DVDs?


I'm rather partial to Kajira's IAMED dvds and Carrie Konyha's tribaret dvd.

I've also been really impressed with the way that Rachel Brice has grown as an instructor since she left BDSS and went across to WDNY. :)


Yes she and her troupe have undergone an amazing transformation, I liked them before but I like them better now. Is the Carrie Konyha DVD a Cheeky Girls production? I think they got a tribaret DVD. Performance or instruction DVD?

I'm a bit behind on DVDs! Not sure what kind of things have been out lately. I mostly got older ones. Any tribal fusion ones you can recommend (performance, not instruction)?


I have Tribal Fusions and Tribal LA - neither really stand out in terms of production values and performances vary from excellent to okay. I prefer to hit youtube for good dance vids, personally. :)

Edit - I just realised you asked me about the tribaret dvd. Yes, it's the CG one and it's an instructional. I like the way that Carrie teaches, it's very similar to how I do it, so I find it pretty easy to get. :) It also gave me some great ideas for how to merge tribal and oriental.
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I meant to get that Carrie Konyha DVD when it came out. I guess I'll pick it up when I finish the Keti Sharif AZ certification in October. (Hint hint Darshiva! lol)

My first experience with Tribal was through the Gypsy Caravan dvds. I really liked those.

Can anybody post recent Rachel videos they think best describe her style now?

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I am loving Michelle Joyce's 3 disc "Secrets Of The Stage." Been meaning to write a review, but haven't gotten around to it, yet.


Azi, I was referring to her teaching style. I've always loved the way she's performed.

Her teaching style more recently is relaxed and analytical, with a lot of movement breakdown and muscle motivators in the description.

Here's a clip from her serpentine dvd:


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Hilary Thacker Belly Dance Instructional DVDs

I recommend Hilary Thacker's Beginning Egyptian Belly Dance instructional DVD as well as her Veil dancing instructional DVD. I used to watch these on Amazon Prime and had some fun learning with them,but sadly Amazon Prime pulled the streaming versions. So I had to buy the dvds.


I missed Halloween, too. Had a program to attend that morning then a five and a half hour drive home. The mountains were gorgeous but I didn't see any little spooks and goblins trick or treating. :(