Best male dancer


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Best male belly dancer

Hi, have never seen you dance so was wondering if you have on-line videos of yourself. I dance with the world's best male belly dancer called Shiva in Sydney. You can view for yourself some vdeo clips on my website
Would be interested to see if your styles are similar


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World's best male bellydancer??!!! Well there is only one way to decide that!

Anyway, you are quite lovely, and your website is very nice, so I forgive you your insolence.

I thought only Greek women could be so beautiful, actually. They will love to hear that they have rivals in the land of OZ.

As for videos, I'm never happy with them. But we are doing shows this coming weekend and I'm preparing a drum solo. I'm sure it will be videotaped, and after the tape has aged significantly I may exhibit it. (my advanced dance comp teacher at university always said to let videos sit 6 months before viewing, and I think she was generally correct)