Black Labyrinth (Pharaonics of Egypt) $300


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Black Labyrinth (Pharaonics of Egypt) SOLD


You can pay with PayPal or credit card (call me with number please – don’t PM or email it).

*The only trade I would consider is another Labyrinth costume of the same size, but in a different color. I have too many black costumes as of now. I had one in burgundy that I LOVED, but the bra was too small on me…boo!*

Photos: Black Pharaonics of Egypt Labyrinth Belly Dance Costume for Sale

Full C cup – currently no padding
6.5″H x 7.5″D x 6″V (measuring tape pushed in)
33.5″ Max underbust

Belt-2 pieces (sewn together on one side, can be unsewn):
13″ Front Max
24.5″ Back Max (curved booty design)
34-37″ Max upper hip
38″ Max lower hip

Skirt-elastic waistband, sequinned lycra with chiffon inserts/gores
29″-37″ Max upper hip
Lower hip very stretchy

10.5″ Max Arm bands (2)
Sequinned chiffon extra insert / scarf

Used costume, but in excellent condition. I received it with a bunch of missing rhinestones and fringe loops. I replaced all of the rhinestones and re-sewed fringe loops. See close ups here: Black Pharoanics of Egypt Black Labyrinth Costume for Sale

There are some small and barely noticeable snags in the lycra of the armbands (underneath – see close up photo).

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