Bois d'Arc


Our dear yellow lab, Bois d'Arc, died this evening shortly after 5:00. He was thirteen.

Bo had a stroke in January of 2017, a very rare event in the dog world. I sat with him for several hours back then, sure that each breath within his coma would be his last. All of sudden, he opened his eyes and returned to us, albeit as a shadow of his former vigorous self. We have been fortunate to have had an extra 15 months with this sweet boy and had only recently begun to think perhaps it was time to call the vet. He lay down this evening and very quietly left on his own like the gentleman he was.


"The Veiled Male"
I've said goodbye to more pets than I care to remember - and it doesn't get any easier. We had to put our 20 year old cat down in January - which I had flown cross country last year to our new home in Florida. That gave us an extra 9 months, which we wouldn't have traded for the world...
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