Business Etiquette in Hiring a Photographer

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I hope I'm posting in the right topic. About a month ago I talked to a local photographer about doing a photoshoot via e-mail on Facebook. She responded a little later on telling me her prices, asking about my availability, etc. I told her that I am not available on weekends as I have heavy family obligations right now but am available on such and such a date. She then asked what location I had in mind (which sorry to say I didn't because I am not too experienced yet in knowing about that). I told her she could come to my house but if she has any better ideas in mind, I'd love to talk about them with her. That was my last correspondence with her. This was all done on Facebook e-mail; she never offered me her phone number or another e-mail site so I was left to the "mercy" of Facebook's reliability :D

I didn't hear from her for a couple of weeks so I figured I was being blown off. I then found another photographer who was only more happy to accommodate me, gave me his phone number to talk, we made all the arrangements, he gave me some good suggestions, etc., we set up a date and time, and we're all set. Now the afternoon before the day of the scheduled shoot with the original photographer, she asks me if we are still on, and I told her that since I didn't hear back from her, that we were off. Then she accuses ME of not sending an e-mail AGAIN asking her about the shoot. I don't think as a buyer that I have to "chase" after a vendor, especially if she wasn't all that accommodating. She then unfriended me, then told me it was a shame, and I told her it was because I think she does great work and GOOD LUCK. She then proceeded to tell me I was petty, that she's been doing this for 15 years (which surprised me because she made herself not very accessible), and that if I wanted to know something I should've sent her a message (even though she never corresponded with me as to location, time, etc.). She emphasized that I should be a better communicator. I then used her own words on her and said yes, SHE should. After that, I blocked her because I didn't want to get into a p*ssing contest over this.

She has photographed many "famous" dancers here while I'm more of a fledgling struggling to do more private events and also maintain a full time job and help care for my seriously ill mother. While I don't expect the world to move aside for me, I do expect to have better access and communication with a vendor than this. Anyone, IMO, who is this lackedaisical I can't hope to expect good work from either.


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I second Darshiva. Definitely someone to avoid, who begins to accuse prospective clients - very unprofessional.


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I don't think as a buyer that I have to "chase" after a vendor, especially if she wasn't all that accommodating.

Will we get to see the photographs? (HINT HINT)


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After you mentioned doing the shoot at your house she should have confirmed that she got the message and was OK with the location. Until she does it's just your suggestion and not an agreed-upon meeting. For someone who quit dancing due to politics and drama I'm surprised she's creating so much of her own.

ETA: looking forward to seeing the pics!


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She erred in thinking your booking was confirmed when the two of you had not yet finalized a location or signed a contract.

I expect the person who is expecting to be paid money to be the one who has the responsibility of being easy to communicate with, sending follow-up emails if a deal hasn't been finalized, helping the client with suggestions (of things like proposed location), ensuring a contract gets signed, etc. Ultimately, the one getting paid is the one who has the most to gain, and therefore the most responsibility to follow through on creating a mutually-agreeable business relationship.


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Will we get to see the photographs? (HINT HINT)
Yeah Greek, when do we get to see photographs HINTHINT COUGH COUGH


And I'm glad you found another photographer, she doesn't sound like a fun person to do a photo-shoot with either. I always think taking photos is difficult for the model more than the photographer too cause it's YOU who's standing there being stared at with a person holding a camera. If she's not accommodating and communicative now, just imagine what a photo-shoot with her would be like.

Good luck.