Can anybody help me?


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Hello everybody!

I am new at this forum and I am really hoping that someone somewere will be able to help me...
So here I go...

I am from Ljubljana, Slovenija.
I am a teacher of belly dance for last two years.
But I decided that want to explore my options and learn and learn more about new styles, movement, dance tehnic....etc..

This year I wisited London summer school The Raqs Sharqi Society and I learned the baladi dance. It was great and I learned some new styles and new movements, but I want more.
I really would like to get to know one of the best or even the best teacher of oriental dance, because I would really like to upgrade my knowledge.

This year I would really like to visit and learn from well experienced dance teacher.
Maybe you will think, that I am joking,but because there are so many options and so many oriental and other proffesional teachers I can not decide where and to whome to go.
So that is why I am seeking for help.

If there is an option that you may have some info or even suggestion, an idea, or maybe even experience, I would be very gratefull.

Thank you,
take care