Can someone tell me what's going on in this video?


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Oh dear, seems very interesting...the only thing I understood (though did not watch the whole vid) was the blond asking the bald man "What's the truth, what's the truth." Waiting for more details desperatelyyyyyyyy


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The bald guy is a reporter and there is an ongoing dispute between him and Fifi Abdou regarding a bad article that he wrote about her.

I was rolling on the floor when it got to the part around 2:00 when the reporter tries to make a mockery out of Fifi and with what came out to be a really bad joke..... anyway being the intelligent and witty person she is, shot the joke right back at him, which made the whole room burst out laughing... including the humiliated reporter!

As for the part where the blond lady asks for "the truth", I would know if they hadn't muted that part out! I'm guessing it was something extremely offensive because everyone got so upset after that and Fifi threatened to file a law suit. I think I know what it is..... but I won't say, I could get sued... hahaha!

LBC is starting to really get on my nerves with their stupid shows (this was originally broadcast on LBC)