Changes coming


My trusty webmaster, Arun, is going to change our software! We have used vbulletin forum software for 15 years give or take. There is a different software that is more mobile friendly which in turn will help the forum be search engine optimized. That should give us a bit better ranking resulting in more users and activity. It will cost a bit but if it will give us a boost, will be worth it. I don't know anything about the new software how it works, how to operate it, how closely it will resemble the software we currently use... so I'm asking everybody to be patient if there are little bugs and glitches. Let's hope for the best.


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I migrated a huge forum to new software early in the year and I don't envy the webmaster one bit. Wishing for an easy transfer!


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Well, so far, so good. I only have to smite half a dozen spammers in a week instead of a hundred a day. :dance:


I was able to finally buy this new software today! Took longer than I anticipated but it has been purchased and Arun is in process. I imagine there will be some down time while it switches over. Not sure how long or what is involved since, thankfully, I am not doing it. I will hopefully see you all soon good as new.