Christchurch NZ Earthquake


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Yeah, there have been heaps. The disconcerting thing about this lot was that there were many quakes right through the central bit of the country, starting a bit north of here. So we've just had a lot of rocking and rolling, but there's serious roading damage north, huge slip blocking one of the rivers, and we're still not clear of tsunami warnings. My brother, who has houses by the sea, ended up taking his young family up the hill and they slept in the car last night.

One of the best things about dirty old Facebook has been the introduction of a thing that allows you to check in safe - it assuaged many fears I think.


I've just read about it... :( I'm glad you are all safe, anything in that magnitude range is terrifying!

(The worst I have lived through was a 6.5, several years after a 7.2 had virtually wiped out Bucharest with hundreds of fatalities and a deep mark in my country's consciousness even now, almost 40 years later.)


The ones I've experienced have been relatively mild. I'd like to keep it that way.

(Says the woman who lives southeast of the Yellowstone Supervolcano.)


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OK - but tired. I love living by the sea - until you have to do a tsunami evacuation in the early hours an the morning - after you've already be awoken by 7.5M double header that rolled on for 120s and lain awake by continual aftershocks over 5M (we got over 30 for the next 12 hours). The epicentre is about 120km away - hate to have been right on top of it. Finally got the all clear to return home about 8:30am - but still had to keep away from the beach (they have finally lifted the advisory about 3pm).