Columbo - Try and catch me (belly dance scene)


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Just for fun - Columbo tries to interrogate Mariette Hartley during her belly dance lesson:
She's not very good, but her costume is nice. The year is 1977/78. Might have a little historical value as to what dancers were wearing then and style.


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Not that you see full costumes worn in classes usually - but "Columbo" would have been asked to wait outside in any class I've ever been in!

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Oh Columbo was a cop and cops usually can walk into places most people can't! And he was so nice about it! But really, this show wasn't realistic as we all know what sweaty messes we usually are/were in class/workshop!


"The Veiled Male"
Snort! Observers and other non dancers generally aren't allowed in any class I've been in - much less (non-dancing) males! One class I was in for several years was held in a storefront. Various guys would stop and ogle - "Jamaica" (the teacher) would go out and run them off. Until one nite there was a particularly persistent group that kept coming back. The third time Jamaica went out there, she invited them in! Then she had us all sit down and she made THEM dance for US - and you can rest assured that she put as much slinky hipwork into her leading them as she could! It was hilarious - one of my favorite memories from that time.